Statewide Legislation  

Status: Pending

Ordinance: HB5370

Notes: Placeholder bill proclaiming legislative intent to introduce a bill encouraging the use of alternatives to plastic bags and the use of reusable bags.

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Updated: February 26, 2013


Status: Approved

Status Date: 09/03/2008

Plastic Summary Requirements: 2.25 thick and Specific ID requirements.

Paper Summary Requirements: no old growth fiber, 100% recyclable, 40% minimum of PCW and specific ID requirements.

Reusable DefinitionA bag with handles that is specially designed and manufactured for multiple reuse and is (1) made of cloth or fabric and /or (2) made of durable plastic that is at least 2.25 mil thick.

Stores Affected: Retail sales means the transfer to a customer of goods in exchange for payment occurring in a retail store, sidewalk sales, farmers; markets, flea markets and restaurants. The term “retail sales” does not include sales of goods at yard sales, tag sales, other sales by residents at their home,

Fees: None

Compliance Date: 07/01/2008

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Updated: April 20, 2012


Status: Pending

Notes: Since 2010

Updated: February 16, 2012